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Recommend: Harbin is high grade vitreous footfall (stair) 0451-86374758
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Information category:   Supply Issue date:   2008-10-15
Period of efficacy:   Long-term and effective
We offer recommend strongly: Harbin is high grade vitreous footfall (stair) distribute of glass of 0451-86374758 Harbin sun is finite liability company is sale of glass of a collect, treatment, installation at an organic whole professional enterprise. The professional technology personnel that the company has many high quality, advanced treatment facilities, and advanced personal computer management and modern office equipment. All sorts of glass products that can be produced already and sell high quality can carry on again large glass installs a project, the company has old project to install experience, bear do project of glass of sex of redundant office sign. The glass that can provide all-around, wide field for the client machines a service. Company all the time with quality the first, the client is consummate, sincere letter is this, the glass that faith serves my company to produce for broad user wholeheartedly for the tenet of key link the security that type footfall has height, produce crack only after suffer powerful outside force and be destroyed, won't broken fall, do not hurt consequently reach all round person and article. Have extremely strong adornment sex, apply at everything indoor decorate, peace conference place is decorated, peaceful and cozy business is used and civil building. Also can offer a variety of color. Common standards offers: 300mm*900mm*36mm. Also can ask according to the client dimension production offers goods period commonly: 10 days- - 15 days. Detailed content and parameter can inquire company website: Www.hrbsunglass.com or call a company: 0451-86374758 0451-865956969
Contact:   Cao Yang Connect a telephone call:   86-0451-86374758
Fax:   86-0451-86374758
Contact an address:   Area of the hillock austral Heilongjiang province Harbin on the west big straight market 331 B 0601 rooms
Postcode:   150080 Email:   Sun.glass08@163.com
Network address:   Http://www.hrbsunglass.com

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