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Bedspring of American FIRESTONE air - China always acts as agent
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Information category:   Supply Issue date:   2008-10-15
Period of efficacy:   Long-term and effective
We offer bedspring of American FIRESTONE air - the development with old course of Chinese total representative, international already became Haocheng: [TAIYO] , [UNIVER] , [FAIRCHILD] , [TOYOOKI] , [METAL- WORK] , [TOGNELLA] , [ASCO] , [Japanese pine issues small-sized and motor] , [The many international such as NEW-ERA] know famous product to taste the total representative that is in Chinese area. Company representative product still is in perfect and enrich ceaselessly, make us OK offerring international of the most preferential solution Haocheng for the user is American FIRESTONE product the one class representative that is in China is comprehensive the business of chinese mainland and Hong Kong passes ground of a many century to develop, current, FIRESTONE company is divided there is production in American mainland outside base, there is manufacturing base in Europe and South America, brazilian FIRESTONE reachs Italian PIRELLI, there is thoroughly cent to sell a network in the whole world. Sale of land of FIRESTONE air bedspring ranks the whole world all the time for years the first.
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